1. The center functions

- Research and Transfer:
• Implement active scientific research and technological application of science and technology in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, pharmaceuticals, mining and natural resources and protect the environment, climate change adaptation, integration economic and tourism trade.
• Research and technology incubators to create scientific products for socio-economic development of the country;
• Incubation start businesses based on the commercial exploitation of research results by staff, faculty and students in and out of the Hue University;
• Organizing the transfer of scientific and technical progress and technology transfer for the production units of the socio-economic composition different.

- Commercialization:
• Link to the enterprise organization the production test results of research projects have the ability to create commercial products.
• Provide scientific products to the market through the enterprise of science and technology, economic development services and social  
- Consulting services:
• Provide technical services consultancy survey, design, construction and installation of equipment and systems engineering.
• Assist the member units of Hue University transfer and commercialization of products.
• Organize Advocacy Center, and policy support to the local law.
• Organization of scientific conferences, exhibitions to introduce new technologies in the field of Agriculture - Biochemical-Medicine and technology potential.
• Planning to develop agriculture, forestry and fisheries, protection of natural resources and biodiversity.

- Science, Technology Cooperation:
• Transfer and receive technology from domestic and foreign units.
• Reception of international cooperation projects
- Intellectual Property:
• Promote and service established intellectual property rights to individuals and organizations of Hue University.

2. Duties
• Participating in charge of selecting the theme, the project of science and technology programs.
• Link to companies, business establishments plan scientific research, technology transfer for production.
• Signed contracts for scientific research, technology transfer units, the basis of social production.
• Support policy, creating a legal framework, appropriate mechanisms; provide materials and information technology markets in order to create conditions for "nursery" and the enterprise of science and technology Sustainable development, operation convenient and efficient.
• Organize short thematic serve to improve their knowledge, training technological innovation on the needs of society
• Provide scientific and technological services, mining and resource use, n resources for socio-economic development.
• Develop and fund the development of scientific research and technology on the basis of policies and guidelines on science and technology development, and advising organizations and individuals borrowing scientific research.