Nano silver solution and related products

Nano silver solution and related products

• In recent years, the interest in silver due to the urgency of the super-antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and the number of ineffective antibiotics is increasing. However, silver nanoparticles do not have this problem with drug resistance.
• It can be said that products from Ag nano applications are commercial products with materials among other applications.
• We make the  question the nanofabrication of high quality silver, the large number of private technology research and development itself. This product is perfect at the expense of the individual self.
Brief description of product:
- Nano silver liquid, the solvent water.
- Depending on concentration requirements.
- The silver nanoparticles have spherical structures, the average diameter of 4-15 nm.

Address the application deployment:
- The enterprises producing goods such as antibacterial masks; liquid antibacterial foot, hand, mouth; Deodorizing liquid; ..
- Application of breeding, the treatment of animal infections; ...
- Application of disinfectants in the industrial shrimp ponds, shrimp seed farming; ...

The authors: Chuong Truong Van, Tien Dung Le Quang.
Unit: Faculty of Physics - College of Sciences - Hue University

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