SASD-07 machines to detect sleep apnea syndrome

SASD-07 machines to detect sleep apnea syndrome

• The single recorder  is difficult to record the patient's breath sounds
• Stethoscopes is an efficient means to hear breath sounds
of patients, however, did not detect sleep apnea syndrome
• Analysers has signed sleep can record parameters such as power density, electromyography, aeration, respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation, snoring intensity, electrocardiographic. However, very high cost and difficult equipment in Vietnam.
• When combining head stethoscopes and the recorder with a number of improvements to form SASD-07 machine has reasonable price, we can record breath While patients sleep with parts head stethoscopes capital dedicated design to hear the patient's breath. Then, we use automatic software to  analysis recorded sound file and from which diagnose sleep apnea syndrome with meaningful precision science.

1. Authors: Dr. Doctor Tien Hoang Anh - Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy -
Hue University
2. Origin of the product:
- Conference creative labor Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy
- Creative idea contest  accompany life - Hue University
- Hue University level Project: Study producing breathing monitors to detect obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (2008)
- Provincial Subject: Applied research and development of diagnostic techniques and treatment of sleep apnea syndrome using
SASD-07 machine with machine Stardust II controlled (2012)

3. Applicable address deployment: The health facilities
medical examination and treatment

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