Probiotics Bokashi Trau

Probiotics Bokashi Trau

• Boakshi Trau _ are produced basing on technology derived from betel leaf extract and fermented with beneficial microorganisms. It is major component: Eugenol, chavicol, Estradiol, Cadinen and other phenolic compounds from betel leaf extract, and microorganisms mainly Lactobacillus group.
• Products both antibacterial and potentially strengthening beneficial microbes in the digestive tract of aquatic animals. products do not pollute the environment, does not cause residues in aquatic animal body. products contain substances derived from natural materials, environmentally friendly, improve disease resistance for aquatic animals. In addition, shrimps used Bokashi Trau the lighter colored shrimps, hard chitin shells than shrimps are not used products.
- Ability to inhibit the activity of Vibrio and Aeromonas bacteria, Ecoli, Coliform, Stapilococcus at concentrations of 4.5 ppm and the ability to kill at a concentration of 7.5 ppm.

- Ability to inhibit fungal Lagenium
  and Fusarium 100.000ppm concentrations, with concentrations ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 ppm can inhibit the fungus Saprolegnia, Achlya, Aphanomyces and parasites Zoothamnium, Epistylis, Vorticella, Gregarine.

- Use simply by mixing with food industry  or feeding distribution and to eat normally, there is the smell of Eugenol and yeast.
- Chamber of diseases in aquatic animals, the diseases caused by bacteria, parasites cause and capable completely destroying pathogens.

- Dosage
+ Dosage in disease prevention: 20 ml / kg of feed, mix well and the feeding in 2 months from the start of commercial products.
+ Dosage in treatment: 40 ml / 1 kg of feed, mix well and the feeding for 3 weeks continuously disease and then reduce the dose to 20 ml / 1 kg of feed.

- Products used in the form of intensive farming, semi-intensive farming and extensive improvements to bring high efficiency.
- For 1 ha of shrimp farming, semi-intensive method (density of 10-15 shrimp/m2) only need 30-40 liters Bokashi Trau products for a crop, all expenses 1,800,000 to 3,200. 000 VNĐ / ha. Intensive farming increase the cost by up 3-4 times. When using Bokashi Trau Trau products in shrimp farming and fish can increase earnings 20 - 30% compared to control.
- To be more effective in both the prevention of aquatic animal and better management of water quality in the pond, should combined with using EM2 and EM5.

Packing and storage
- The product is liquid, packaged in Canisters Plastic
 from 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 liter easy to transport
- Store in normal conditions with temperatures from 22 - 35 ° C for 3 months, after 3 months of products Lactobacillus levels plummeted.

- When customers buy products you will be promoted with manual processes. where more than 20 households use products, We will support the training of aquaculture.

Labels - Intellectual Property
- Trademarks (University of Agriculture and Forestry): MS4-2010-16581
- Industrial Designs (University of Agriculture and Forestry): MS3-2010-01030
- Solutional Invention: 2010-02140 MS1-authors: Linh Nguyen Quang (Head of), Khanh Van Tran Quang, Phuoc Nguyen Ngoc, Hoa Truong Thi, Tuan Nguyen Anh, Ha Tran Nam, Duy Le Van Bao, Anh Nguyen Duc Quynh, Tung Ho Thi, Lich Nguyen Quang, Thu An Le Thi, Thien An Nguyen Ba.

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